Welcome to The purpose of this web site is to bring those together that have an interest in automobile, truck and mechanics in general, whether tenured or fleeting. The for sale, carpool and other links below can be of interest to those who need them. I hope you enjoy your visit and/or find it profitable and encourage you to return. Please add this page to your favorites, or bookmark it for ease of return.

A list of links at the bottom of this page will take you to various areas of interest. You can also click on the image of the fastener next to the paragraph you are interested in to go to the corresponding page.


If you are a mechanic and would like to add your name to a list, click below on the link to MECHANICS or on the image of the fastener on the left. When you get to the Mechanics page pick your state from the list on the left click on the state. On the state page click on the e-mail link. This will enable your e-mail program. Please send your state, city name and any other information you would like to have posted to Also give your experience level (master-journeyman-apprentice-student-amateur-hobbiest) and your specialties, this will be added at the bottom of the information you send. If you are currently looking for a job change in any area please state this and any contact info you wish posted. The list will be updated weekly and will be listed by state. All listings are free unless you would like a picture added. Then there will be a charge of Twenty Dollars (U.S.) for the image placement. A link to a website will be added at a charge of Ten Dollars.


If you are a shop owner and would like to be listed please click on the SHOP OWNERS link below or on the fastener image on the right. Then find your state and go there. Click on the e-mail link to and send your information with the name, address and any other information you would like listed. If you are hiring please also include this and other information to contact you for this end. All listings in this category, including help wanted are free, unless you would like to have a picture or logo included. There is a charge of Twenty Dollars (U.S.) for placement of the image. A link to a website will be added at a charge of Ten Dollars.


This is a page for anyone in the mechanic field that is looking for a position and those looking for help to co-ordinate. Please e-mail particulars to from the page provided. All listings for all areas will be placed on this page.

International Listings

On this page any information from writers not living in the U.S.A. will be posted. Whether you are a auto mechanic, shop owner, airline, line or any other person in the mechanical field or an otherwise interested party, all international info will be contained on this page. The only exception will be for sale items, vehicles and parts. These items will also be listed in the appropriate page with links to these classifications on this and internal pages. All non-for sale listings are free unless you would like to have a picture or logo included. There is a charge of Twenty Dollars (U.S.) for placement of the image. A link to a website will be added at a charge of Ten Dollars.


As many people in the repair business buy and sell different types of vehicles and parts, there is a page for this purpose. If you want to sell a car, truck, boat, airplane, new or used parts, or any other type of vehicle or are looking for one, e-mail the information and it will be posted by state. Be sure to include contact information and, if you like, the price you are looking for. Don't forget to put fixer-uppers in, there are many people looking for a vehicle that needs body or mechanical repairs. There is a fee of Ten Dollars (U.S.) for all vehicle and parts listings. Ads with a picture will be Twenty Dollars (U.S.). This ad will be available world-wide and is an excellant place to list classics, aircraft, watercraft, specialty as well as standard vehicles and parts for sale. Vehicle and used parts condition such as tires, paint, Etc. should be abbreviated where applicable.


Also on this site is a coordinating place for those who wish to join or form a car pool. With the rising price of fuel, carpooling can substantially reduce the cost of commuting. Whether you want a steady pool or just need to get from point A to point B for a single trip, click on the link and e-mail a message to be included in the exchange. Be sure to mention the state, city and your contact info in your e-mail.


Anything for sale or wanted page. If you want to buy or sell extra tools, equipment, a housefull of furniture, real estate, watercraft, motorhome, inventories or even a business, this is a place to post it. Anything for sale, U.S. or international it goes here. There is a Twenty Dollar (U.S.) charge for this service for listings with a picture included. Listings with text only are ten dollars. The reason for the fee is the support of this site and to discourage an old tire listing. This keeps the space more available. This fee covers six months placement and will be deleted after the time period. General changes made to the same ad are free to a limit of two editings. Please send a notification to have your listing canceled after your merchandise is sold or you no longer need the listing.


Whether or not you are a mechanic and are looking for repair advice in order to help you solve a problem with an automobile, light truck, or any vehicle and have questions a mechanic might be able to answer for you, click on the link to the Technical Question and Answer page. E-mail any questions you have and it will be posted on the page with the date. When a answer is recieved it will be posted in the same table as the question. Any one asking or answering a question must state in the e-mail messege what contact information they would or would not like posted. Laymen and mechanics alike may post questions and answers. If anyone sees advice that does not meet standards, please notify and it will be reviewed.


In order to provide even more value on this site, see this "tips" page with an ever changing list of repair and maintenance pointers that can be up-dated by viewers. To aid in updating this page please send your favorite tips and tricks as well as standard maintenance procedures that you think might be helpful to visitors to this site.

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